Buffalo Bratwurst Crêpe & Caramelized Onion

Sautéed with fresh cilantro, rolled in a crêpe with sharp cheddar cheese and baked, served with lime infused sour cream

A Palmer Lake Destination

Can’t wait to go back there again! I would recommend a trip to Palmer Lake just to go to the Speedtrap…

Your Local Bistro

Speedtrap Salad

Organic greens, cherry tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, roasted walnuts, cranberries and feta or blue cheese, served with your choice of vinaigrette

Stacy Pederson

Fiddle Tunes Thursday + Open Mic!
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Date: Friday 14 February 2014

Time: 08:00pm

Comedian Stacy Pederson



Stacy Pederson is a female comedian who provides clean, wholesome, and relevant stand up comedy. Stacy uses  a mixture of characters, storytelling and personal testimonies to bring light, intelligence and humour to every day struggles from parenting, work relationships, marriage, and the myriad of challenges of being a “modern day” woman. 

Stacy Pederson holds a BFA in Theatre. She is a professional actress, stand-up comedian, author and speaker, who has performed stage, film, commercial, standup comedy, and radio work.  She is the co-founder of The Academy of Children’s Theatre, (ACT) in Colorado Springs, as well as Ministry Center for the Arts, (MCA). 

Stacy Pederson’s stand up comedy and outlook on life began with a diagnosis of a terminal illness with her first husband. Stacy began a difficult journey fraught with failure-including a failed marriage, single parenting, job loss, broken dreams, and financial ruin.

Then in July of 2011, Stacy stepped on a rusty nail while building a set for a kid’s musical theatre camp. The simple miss-step caused several bouts in the hospital, near death experiences, and surgery with lifelong repercussions. Stacy now has a deep understanding of the universal need we all have for hope, love, joy, and laughter.  Stacy is now married to the love of her life, Jeff Pederson, and is the mother of five amazing children. They reside in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area.


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