Buffalo Bratwurst Crêpe & Caramelized Onion

Sautéed with fresh cilantro, rolled in a crêpe with sharp cheddar cheese and baked, served with lime infused sour cream

A Palmer Lake Destination

Can’t wait to go back there again! I would recommend a trip to Palmer Lake just to go to the Speedtrap…

Your Local Bistro

Speedtrap Salad

Organic greens, cherry tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, roasted walnuts, cranberries and feta or blue cheese, served with your choice of vinaigrette

Chauncy Crandall

Fiddle Tunes Thursday + Open Mic!
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Date: Friday 24 April 2015

Time: 08:00pm

Chauncy Crandall – Americana

Chauncy CrandallBAND MEMBERS

  • Chauncy Crandell – Singer/Song Writer


Chauncy Crandall is a compelling singer/song writer born and and raised on the open eastern plains of Colorado. At an early age he grew comfortable living off the land. While still quite young, he also began playing guitar and putting his energy into gospel music. Chauncy’s music is greatly influenced by his strong-spirited upbringing, with three older sisters and parents who are dedicated to simple living with good values. With maturity, experience and a mindful eye for what surrounded him, his music became very creative. It is widely agreed in Chauncy’s home town of Colorado Springs that he is a brilliant musician; he is often found belting out music that reaches the soul, whether at a campfire or in front of a large home town crowd. The singer articulates a personal story with a sound that is completely his own. “My songs have to be true to me,” he says. This trait is what makes his music resonate so strongly with his audience. A listener concurs, “When you hear Chauncy sing, it’s like he is telling you his deepest secrets.” Since those secrets are part of us all, we respond as Chauncy shares his secrets in a most soulful dimension. His music includes shades of acoustic blues, folk , and soulful country, backed by a strong harmony-charged voice. Chauncy’s sound and story are uniquely his. own.
(Source: Information taken from Revernation.com on 7-29-13)





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