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Phone: (719) 488-2007


Breakfast Take Out Menu
8am to 2pm Daily

Lunch Take Out Menu
10:30am to 2pm Daily

Weekend Dinner Menu: Grab N Go
Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights: 4-7pm

4 replies on “Contact”

I am a published author and my next book has a small cafe in it that’s next to an auto body shop. I’d love to use the name Speed Trap in my book if you’re willing to give me permission. I’d be happy to give you a shout out.

Thank you for considering.

Thank you for reaching out, Leigh. We have extended patio season throughout the summer into fall. Now we are offering counter service with available indoor seating. Please help us by continuing to come & enjoy at Speedtrap along with spreading the word. We hope to see you soon

Wow, what an interesting request. Please go ahead and use the name as long as there is no impending doom associated with the small cafe. We’d love to read it when its completed!

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