Buffalo Bratwurst Crêpe & Caramelized Onion

Sautéed with fresh cilantro, rolled in a crêpe with sharp cheddar cheese and baked, served with lime infused sour cream

A Palmer Lake Destination

Can’t wait to go back there again! I would recommend a trip to Palmer Lake just to go to the Speedtrap…

Your Local Bistro

Speedtrap Salad

Organic greens, cherry tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, roasted walnuts, cranberries and feta or blue cheese, served with your choice of vinaigrette

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Date: Thursday 21 September 2017

Heather Dawn Romero – Folk

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Heather Dawn Romero is a classically trained flautist playing 12 string guitar, mandolin and piano with over 30 original songs.

Heather’s has been influenced by music infused with rich composition from great composers both classical and contemporary.

She grew up in Louisiana and was exposed to Jazz , Blues, Classical and World music. Heather also has extensive training in numerous dance styles through consisting of Jazz. Ballet, Modern Dance, Middle Eastern and Salsa.

Whether playing in Louisiana, California, Texas or on her travels, Heather has continued to develop as a singer and songwriter.  She writes as the inspiration lands in her. Nothing is contrived and no `style` is attempted. The impulse comes and she honors it.  Could be an obtuse piece that takes time to grow, or it has instant appeal that has the moving hooks, melodies, and riffs, leaving some observers to suggest there are several radio-friendly songs ready for national playlist. You decide.

There is a consensus among her supporters that there is a strong album there with hit singles among them and Heather is now making the steps to put herself out there.

Heather is currently re-recording her catalog of songs whilst building the profile and presence her music deserves. Heather  has recently moved to Colorado and is just getting to know the local music scene.




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